You Probably Have Peni$ Panic If You Think About THIS

A penis measures about 5 inches long on average. On the other hand, a micropenis is classified as a penis that only measures about 0.75 inches. Moreover, many men have penis anxiety whenever they believe that their penises are not large enough to please their partners.

In addition, there is a syndrome called penis panic. Do you have this syndrome? Read the story below to see if you have it.

1. Penis panic

Penis panic is also known as koro. It is a syndrome that varies among cultures and it is characterized as the belief that one’s genitalia is shrinking.

2. Also for women

While koro can refer to a shrinking penis, the syndrome can also apply to women who have an immense belief that their nipples or vulva are going to retract.

3. An actual mental disorder

Koro is recognized as a mental disorder and is identified in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSMM).

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4. A worldwide syndrome

Although penis panic is said to have its origins in Malaysia, people from all over the world have experienced penis panic.

5. Getting diagnosed

You can be diagnosed with penis panic or koro if you undergo through a psychological and physical examination.

6. No physical evidence

If you are proven to only have a strong belief that your penis is getting retracted even if there is no physical proof, you have the koro syndrome.

7. Penis panic throughout history

There have been incidents in which groups of men feared that their penises were shrinking, all at the same time. These happened in Central Europe, Singapore, China, Sudan, and West Africa.

8. In China

Chinese traditional medicine users treat penis panic or koro as a sexual disease that could even be classified as the decrease in the yang of one’s kidney.

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You Probably Have Peni$ Panic If You Think About THIS