What the hell is this gigantic sea creature?

Locals in Indonesia were baffled by the sudden appearance of a gigantic sea creature that has washed up on a beach.

Since it appeared in Maluku earlier this week, people have suggested it could be a giant squid, whale or octopus.

Whatever it is, the 15 metre-long carcass is pretty disgusting and was still bleeding a day after it was found, according to local media.

Asrul Tuanakota, 37, was the first person to spot the unknown creature but initially believed it was a stranded boat.

It is thought to have been there for days before being discovered, and its skin is discoloured.

M Nasrul Latulanit, a coordinator of Indonesia’s Marine and Coastal Resources Management, said samples have been taken from the scene for laboratory testing.

Four-metre fangs discovered in the carcass indicates it could be a jaw from a whale, he said.

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What the hell is this gigantic sea creature?