USA News( North Korea fires unidentified projectile; President Moon calls emergency meeting )

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USA Breaking News Today North Korea fires unidentified projectile; President Moon calls emergency meeting
Our top story this morning.
North Korea has fired an as-of-yet unidentified missile into waters off its eastern coast.
The projectile was fired around just over two hours ago.... and if confirmed as a missile it will be the regime's 12th launch of 2017.
To give us more details on this developing story, we have Yu Joonhee on the line. Joonhee, what do we know so far?

Yes, Mark. According to South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff, North Korea fired a missile at 4:59 a.m local time from Pukchang County, in the central region of North Korea, and travelled an estimated 500 kilometers.
The joint chiefs are still working to determine exactly what type of missile was fired this morning, but they say early signs indicate it was not an intercontinental ballistic missile.
If confirmed, this would be the third missile test that has been conducted by Pyongyang since President Moon Jae-in came into office.
We also have reports just coming in from government officials in Tokyo, who they say the missile may have possibly landed inside Japan's exclusive economic zone, but those reports are still unconfirmed.
This latest launch follows the regime's testing of a KN-06 surface-to-air missile on Sunday, which was conducted under the supervision of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.
Pyongyang's state-media claimed it was a success, saying the missile's capabilities have been upgraded since last year, and that Kim Jong-un has ordered for its immdiate mass-production and deployment.

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Joonhee, President Moon Jae-in has called an emergency meeting of the National Security Council in response to the launch. Can you tell us more?

Yes Mark, President Moon Jae-in will be holding an emergency meeting of the NSC at 7:30 a.m, less than half an hour from now.
The NSC board members are comprised of the president, his chief of staff, the ministers of defense, foreign affairs and unification, as well as the director of the National Intelligence Service.
President Moon is expected to strongly condemn North Korea's missile launch, but for now we're still waiting for more updates until after that NSC meeting gets underway. Back to you Mark.
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USA News( North Korea fires unidentified projectile; President Moon calls emergency meeting )