This Republican Candidate Is Running On Universal Healthcare

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Author: Noman Ali

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  1. if trump proposed this it might actually save his sorry ass...but he wont because he's too fucking stupid...also no one will EVER get money out of politics...

  2. This is really interesting, because it brings up the idea of how Justice democrats will interact with the GOP. Some Republicans actually do have good ideas (Rand Paul wasn't so bad) and it might smash the whole dichotomous tribalistic system that goes on right now if his message resonates well enough.

  3. Similar to this guy but on the opposite side, my old high school Politics teacher is planning to run against Pittsburgh's congressman and primary him. My teacher identifies as and is registered as a democrat, but he's super conservative. He believes climate change isnt greatly caused my humans, thinks the EPA has tol many regulations, was okay Trump's muslim ban, was alright with almost all of Trump's cabinet picks besides DeVos, thinks the Dems lost because Hillary wasnt conservative enough, doesnt see a problem with lobbyists or campaign finance laws, did I mention he voted for Trump? Oddly enough though he voted for Bernie in the primary. On the liberal side, he's pro-choice, pro-gay, and thinks we shouldnt intervene without a aolid plan to replace dictators, so I guess he's kinda like a shitty libertarian

  4. Well Republicans defend republicans that fuck them just because of party name, who's to say they're not as gullible as to vote for their own self interest as well as voting R.

  5. Progressive Republicans running against Progressive Democrats, nationwide. THAT is the future I want to see.

  6. Love this idea. A bipartisan voting bloc in the House and Senate is an incredibly powerful tool.

    Also, pulling the GOP back from the brink might help to drive the Dems left as well.

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This Republican Candidate Is Running On Universal Healthcare