The Dash - Veterans Day Tribute to Lance Cpl. Andrew Carpenter

While serving in the USMarines on his second tour in Afghanistan, Lance Cpl. Andrew Carpeter came under enemy fire on Valentine's Day, 2011. He died 5 days later. His wife was carrying this first child, Landon, at the time of Andrew's death.

Andrew was laid to rest in Polk Memorial Gardens just outside Nashville in Columbia TN. The town of Columbia later named a highway in honor of Andrew and his service.

Scotty heard Andrew's story and decided to honor his service by telling his story via his song "The Dash".


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  1. Autumn leaves at nature’s call
    Fall freely to the ground
    Brilliant gold's and flaming reds
    Lie scattered all around
    And as I stand in wonderment...
    Of nature’s rhythmic sway
    My thoughts are of the soldiers
    On this Remembrance Day
    I look towards a peaceful sky
    Though peace eludes my soul
    For nations are again at war
    And blood like rivers flow
    I bow in silent reverence
    For those who paid the price
    And paying still, through raging wars
    With willing sacrifice
    Aging veterans tired and bent
    Still gather for the call
    And somewhere, as an autumn leaf
    Another soldier falls. Grace Butler Difalco

Queen leads Remembrance Day tributes at the Cenotaph

The Dash - Veterans Day Tribute to Lance Cpl. Andrew Carpenter