My Husband Was In Jail, But I Wanted Him Close To, This Happened

For a woman whose husband is in prison, it is difficult to stay all alone by herself. They miss their husband’s presence and they miss being in the physical act of love with them. Some of the wives, who were missing their husbands, went to jail to be with them. They share their experience and this is what they said:

It Was Best Time With Him –Kate 27

Kate’s husband was given permission for conjugal visit and she went to meet him. She says this was their best even before when he was not in jail.

She Had Home To Herself- Maggie 25

Maggie says after she was with him, the good part was she left him there and had home to herself alone.

No More Cheating – Darlene – 40c

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Darlene says her husband used to cheat on her while he was free. However she does not have to worry about it anymore.

Bizarre – Sadie -38

Sadie says her husband was more bizarre when she had it in jail with him then when he not in jail.



For Debbie her inmate husband and her enjoy being close in jail as it keeps their love alive.

His Queen – Shania -27

Shania says she is the queen for husband and he get crazy for her when she is with him physically.


Zoe says she does not need to cheat on her husband while he is in prison as these visits let her get with him.

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His Medicine – Kris 49

Kris feels that she saves him and she is like a medicine for him.

Loves Waiting For Her – Gretchen -39

For Gretchen, her husband cannot wait to see her and gets to love her when she is with him.

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My Husband Was In Jail, But I Wanted Him Close To, This Happened