Minnesota woman finds new home infested with snakes

May 2 (UPI) -- A Minnesota mother who moved into a new home with her kids said the previous owners forgot to mention something: a snake infestation that has cost her $13,000.

Angie Whitley said it wasn't until 45 minutes after she closed on her Oak Park Heights home in October that she realized there was something amiss about her new house.

"I brought my first sort of box here to my bedroom and I found a snake," Whitley told WCCO-TV. "One quickly turned into 3, 4, 5. Today is 6 months later and I'm about 95 snakes that I've found inside my house."

Hundreds more garter snakes have been found outside the home, she said.

"From what I've heard from the experts who have come out, they tell me that there's no way this just started," Whitley said.

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Whitley said the previous owners told her they had no idea about the snake infestation and had been renting the home out for the six years before selling. She said she and her lawyer are considering going into arbitration to see is fraud was committed.

In the meantime, Whitley said she has spent $13,000 trying to get rid of the snakes, but they just keep coming back.

Adam's Pest Control of Medina is now donating its employees' time and efforts to rid the home of the "surprise snake den."

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Minnesota woman finds new home infested with snakes