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Britain’s divorce bill must be settled before Brexit talks, says

The German government is encouraging Britain to agree a mathematical formula for calculating its European divorce settlement rather than settling on a precise figure in an attempt to avoid a looming clash that risks derailing Brexit talks.

The chancellor, Angela Merkel, put the EU on a potential collision course with Theresa May on Thursday by insisting it made “no sense” to negotiate a future UK-EU relationship without first reaching agreement on the UK’s financial commitment to the EU.

In her first big Brexit speech since May triggered article 50, Merkel told the German parliament that British politicians were still living under an “illusion” that the UK would retain most of its rights and privileges once it left the EU.

“Countries with a third country status – and that’s what Great Britain will be – cannot and will not have the same or even more rights as a member of the European Union,” she said. “You may think that all this is self-evident. But I have to put this so clearly because I get the impression that some in Great Britain still have illusions about this and that is a waste of time.”

There are mounting fears that the intransigent position of European leaders is encouraging the hardliners in Britain who are threatening to walk away with no deal. Britain’s CBI, German carmakers and the Irish government all sounded the alarm on Thursday at the dire prospects for UK-EU trade if there was no agreement.

Privately, officials in Berlin are looking for creative solutions to the problem, which might avoid the prime minister being forced to write a politically unpalatable €60bn (£51bn) cheque before she even gets to start negotiating future trade relations.

German government sources suggest that a “constructive solution” mentioned in Merkel’s blunt statement could take the form of the UK agreeing to a formula by which Britain’s future contributions in specific areas, such as pensions, EU budget, growth funds, would be calculated – thus avoiding coming up with concrete sums.

The idea was met with a mixture of bemusement and scepticism in London, where the Tory government remains determined to try to negotiate its future trade relationship at the same time as separation talks. Eurosceptic critics in the media are likely to calculate an implied cost of Brexit whether or not politicians are willing to acknowledge it publicly.

UK government sources pointed to earlier speeches by Merkel where she suggested there was merit in parallel talks. They suggested that the looming German election could be responsible for a hardening of language, which they hoped would be temporary. German taxpayers are likely to end up footing the largest bill for filling any EU budget shortfall after Brexit, leading to domestic pressure not to be seen to let Britain off the hook.

In the UK parliament, David Jones, the Brexit minister, told MPs that the government was willing to leave the EU with no deal if necessary.

“The ambition and intention of the government is to achieve the best possible free trade agreement with our EU partners. However, our position also is this: we expect to negotiate toughly and, unlike the opposition, our position will be made clear to the European Union that we are prepared to walk away from the negotiating table if it is not possible to achieve a deal that suits us.”

Merkel was speaking shortly before European affairs ministers met in Luxembourg to finalise the negotiating guidelines EU leaders are due to adopt at a special summit on Saturday, the first ministerial talks without a British presence since 1973.

These guidelines flesh out the core principles of the EU’s negotiating strategy: preserving the single market and stopping the UK from “cherrypicking” the EU’s advantages, as well as a ban on talks about a future trade deal until the UK agrees its EU divorce, including paying the Brexit bill.

With the text largely agreed, the meeting served as a show of unity before Brexit talks. “It was an unprecedented signal of trust, unity and consensus” of the 27 EU member states, declared Louis Grech, the deputy prime minister of Malta, who chaired the meeting. “All delegations agreed with the overall thrust of the guidelines and expressed their full support. We made it very clear in the guidelines that the single market is indivisible and [there] will not be cherrypicking.”

Responding to a question about the UK contributions to the EU budget, he said the financial settlement had not been discussed in detail.

Acid attacks are on the rise in Britain

LONDON — Twenty people at a packed nightclub here suffered chemical burns from an acid-like substance thrown at them on April 17, an attack that authorities say reflects a frightening trend.

Toxic substances such as drain cleaner are being used as weapons more frequently, apparently as a result of a crackdown on guns and knives in recent years.

Metropolitan Police figures from March show attacks involving corrosive fluids in London jumped 74% from 261 in 2015 to 454 in 2016. Across Britain, such attacks increased 30% between 2012 and 2015, according to the London Times.

The assault at the Mangle nightclub in east London left two people blind in one eye from what police called a "corrosive fluid." The former boyfriend of a British reality TV star has been detained, along with an another man, in connection with the incident. Witnesses said the attack followed a fight in the club.

On April 21, police in Manchester in northern England, said a pregnant woman and a man suffered "severe discomfort" when someone threw bleach in their eyes from a passing car.

"It’s a growing problem, there’s no question," said Jaf Shah, executive director of Acid Survivors Trust International, a London charity that supports victims, predominantly in South Asia, where acid attacks are more common.

Shah said acid attacks in other countries usually involve men targeting females. The reasons are often over spurned marriage proposals or sexual advances. In Britain, young men are mainly targeting other young men in violence that is often gang-related. British law is not specific about banning acid as a weapon, so gang members may use it to avoid prosecution, he said.

Even so, acid attackers are often convicted of assault or a more serious charge of grievous bodily harm, which carries a maximum life sentence. Since 2015, the government has required vendors to report suspicious transactions involving sulfuric acid to police because it can be used to manufacture explosives.

“(Corrosive substances) are extremely easy to get hold of (in Britain). You can buy them from hardware stores and don't have to register why you're purchasing it or what you want to use it for,” said Simon Harding, a professor of criminology at London's Middlesex University.

“If you throw (acid) in someone’s face it’s going to affect their eyes and eyesight so you have a high chance of getting away with it. It’s a very easy thing to do. You can ride up to someone on a bike and throw it at them."

By contrast, guns are very hard to get in Britain, unlike in the United States. As a result, their are only 50 to 60 gun homicides in England and Wales each year, a rate of about one for every 1 million people, according to the Geneva Declaration of Armed Violence and Development, a multinational organization. In the U.S., about 30 per 1 million people are killed in gun homicides. The Gun Violence Archive, a database of gun-related violence in the U.S., says 13,286 people were killed and 26,819 injured by firearms in the U.S. in 2015.

Victims of acid attacks say they must deal with life-long repercussions. Australians Prue Fraser, 20, and her sister, Isobella, 22, were among those sprayed at the Mangle club.

“I ended up in the middle of this fight and I was thrown over the barrier near the bar with all my stuff," Prue Fraser told the London Evening Standard.  “Getting up I could feel my arm was burning. It was like boiling water had been poured over me but like I was cut as well. I have never experienced anything like it, it was excruciating. We saw six other girls who had it in their eyes, faces and chest areas they were screaming and crying."

Isobella Fraser said she sustained third-degree burns on her arms and back.


Daniel Rotariu, 31, of Leicester in central England, was blinded in both eyes and suffered burns to 32% of his body when his lover, Katie Leong, threw sulfuric acid on him as he slept following an argument last July. Leong, 52, was convicted of attempted murder in March and sentenced to life in prison.

"I have nightmares. ... I see it every day, every hour, like it was yesterday," Rotariu said in his victim-impact statement in court. "More than half of my life I’m gonna have to live it like this. ... Sometimes I wish I was dead and I didn’t survive.”

5 Symptoms of a Heart Attack That Occur Only in Women

Heart attacks are one of the main causes of early death in the modern world. Unfortunately, this disease usually sneaks up on people. However, just before the tragedy, our body sends us signals we simply shouldn’t ignore.

We have already written about the general symptoms of an impending heart attack. It turned out they manifest themselves differently in men and women. Here are 6 signs every woman should know to keep the disease as far from herself as possible.

Pain In The Back

These signs may be confusing, as a heart attack is associated primarily with pain in the chest or in the left arm, not in the neck or jaw. The pain can be progressive, nagging, acute, or sudden. It can even wake you up in the middle of the night. This is why you’d better consult a doctor as soon as you notice any unusual symptoms.

Sharp Stomach Pain, Sickness

Some signals of an approaching heart attack can be confused with signs of poisoning, flu, or severe heartburn. Sometimes women experience pressure in the abdominal region, which in their descriptions is compared to “an elephant sitting on the stomach.”

Cold Sweat

Cold sweat is another common symptom among women. It may seem to be somehow connected with stress. However, if you haven’t had similar symptoms before, you’d better visit a specialist.

Shortness of breath and Dizziness

Breathing issues for no apparent reason are the faithful companions of a heart attack, especially if it goes along with another symptom. Women who survived it said they felt like they had run a marathon, though they didn’t even move.

Increase Fatigue

If even after a long rest you feel excessive fatigue and cannot perform simple actions (for example, going to the bathroom), this is an alarming signal and a reason to pay attention to the state of your cardiovascular system.

Note: These signs aren’t a guarantee of an early heart attack. However, their combination, as well as the frequent occurrence of the same symptoms, is already a sufficient reason to consult specialists. Timely medical care can save lives. Take care of yourself!

Poachers kill rhino and saw off his horn after breaking into Par

A poor, sweet angel, Vince the white rhino, has been cruelly murdered by two poachers overnight in a zoo near Paris.

Officials are saying either one or more poachers broke through a fence and several doors, including one made of metal, to shoot the four-year-old rhino and then saw off one his horns.

Thierry Duguet, the head of the Parc Zoologique de Thoiry, expressed his “extreme shock” to a local radio station.

“There has never been a case like this in a zoo in Europe, an assault of such violence, evidently for this stupid trafficking of rhinoceros horns,” Mr. Duguet said.

“His second horn was only partially sawed, which suggests the criminals were interrupted or that their tools were faulty,” the park said. “This odious act was perpetrated despite the presence of five members of the zoological staff who live on site and surveillance cameras.”

Vince was born in Arnhem in the Netherlands and was brought along with Bruno, five, to Thoiry in 2015. The pair shared their pen with 37-year-old Gracie; the other two white rhinos survived the massacre.

Our hearts especially break for Vince’s handler, who the zoo said was “very attached to the animal she cares for, and is deeply affected”.

The attack on the park, which is about 50km west of the city, is unprecedented in Europe – normally ivory horns are procured from auction houses and museums, making this the first time a living animal has been killed in Europe by poachers.

A representative of the French gendarmerie, the national police force that patrols small towns and rural areas, told Agence France-Presse that the stolen horn would receive between 30,000 and 40,000 euros, or about $41,800 to $55,500, on the black market.

The French environment minister, Ségolène Royal, signed a decree banning the trade in ivory and rhino horn in France, and all overseas French territories, in August last year and she deemed Vince’s death a “criminal slaughter”.

4 Most Dangerous and Famous Dog Breed on The Earth

1. st. Bernard

st. Bernard Jasmine Amber

The st. Bernard the same food that is not only famous for being huge it’s also famous for being a legendary hero it says skiers and hikers and great outside rescue missions it’s also pretty well-known face to the Beethoven movies which created a real Buzz around the bridge in the 19 eighties and nineties who want to adopt the same thing after seeing that first movie but did you know that the same for the great st.

Bernard hospice makes sense doesn’t it the sacred dog can wait anywhere between 110 and 200 pounds and measure approximately 25 to 30 inches it’s color is usually a mix of rust and white with a few Shades of Black thrown in for good measure it seems that the longest dog recorded in history was made yourself the Caucasian shepherd dog the Caucasian shepherd dog.

2. The Newfoundland

2 3 Jasmine Amber

The Newfoundland the Newfoundland breed of dogs that can grow very big as a matter of fact of the race if it was 6 or 7 feet tall when they stand on their hind legs obviously they can weigh up to 200 pounds and 20 inches long and weigh between 100 and 150 pounds the Newfoundland has a water-resistant coat and could be Different colors including beige round black and white with patches of black

3. The Leonberger

3 3 Jasmine Amber

Leonberger is a cross breed dog created from three other breeds that all of them the world’s largest dogs the Great Pyrenees st. Bernard and a Newfoundland dog weigh about 170 pounds and has a height comparable to the Anatolian Shepherd 26 to 32 inches it’s a very trainable breed of dog it is also very well ideally it should be socialized as early as possible as it might be hard if it rain when it gets older it’s a beautiful animal with a double coat and Ali and I made its colors can vary from red to reddish-brown to lie .

4. Anatolian Shepherd

4 2 Jasmine Amber

The Anatolian Shepherd it’s a very powerful dog and it’s known for being very instinctive and protective of its family it’s also capable of great love and loyalty to those who are close to it the Anatolian Shepherd weighs approximately 144 pounds and measures between 29 and 32 inches since it’s supposed to use to protect livestock its coat color and its size are great the blend in with other farm animals

You Probably Have Peni$ Panic If You Think About THIS

A penis measures about 5 inches long on average. On the other hand, a micropenis is classified as a penis that only measures about 0.75 inches. Moreover, many men have penis anxiety whenever they believe that their penises are not large enough to please their partners.

In addition, there is a syndrome called penis panic. Do you have this syndrome? Read the story below to see if you have it.

1. Penis panic

Penis panic is also known as koro. It is a syndrome that varies among cultures and it is characterized as the belief that one’s genitalia is shrinking.

2. Also for women

While koro can refer to a shrinking penis, the syndrome can also apply to women who have an immense belief that their nipples or vulva are going to retract.

3. An actual mental disorder

Koro is recognized as a mental disorder and is identified in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSMM).

4. A worldwide syndrome

Although penis panic is said to have its origins in Malaysia, people from all over the world have experienced penis panic.

5. Getting diagnosed

You can be diagnosed with penis panic or koro if you undergo through a psychological and physical examination.

6. No physical evidence

If you are proven to only have a strong belief that your penis is getting retracted even if there is no physical proof, you have the koro syndrome.

7. Penis panic throughout history

There have been incidents in which groups of men feared that their penises were shrinking, all at the same time. These happened in Central Europe, Singapore, China, Sudan, and West Africa.

8. In China

Chinese traditional medicine users treat penis panic or koro as a sexual disease that could even be classified as the decrease in the yang of one’s kidney.

Trump Proposes Dramatic Tax Cuts for Companies Big and Small

President Donald Trump proposed dramatic cuts in the taxes paid by corporations big and small Wednesday in an overhaul his administration says will spur economic growth and bring jobs and prosperity to America's middle class. But his ambitious plan alarmed lawmakers who worry about ballooning federal deficits.

The plan would also reduce investment and estate taxes aimed at the wealthy. But administration officials said that action on other key tax code elements would ensure the plan would largely help the middle class instead of the affluent.

The White House has yet to spell out how much of a hole the tax cuts could create in the federal budget, maintaining that the resulting economic growth would reduce— if not eliminate — the risk of a soaring deficit.

The outlined changes to the tax code are the most concrete guidance so far on Trump's vision for spurring job growth.

"The president owns this plan; don't be mistaken," said Gary Cohn, director of the White House National Economic Council.

Cohn said Trump and his administration recognize they have to be "good stewards" of the federal budget. But the plan as it currently stands could cause the federal deficit to climb, unless it sparks a massive and lasting wave of growth that most economists say is unlikely.

The threat of a rising budget deficit could erode support for the plan among lawmakers in Trump's own Republican Party. Administration officials intend to hash out additional details with members of the House and Senate in the coming weeks for what would be the first massive rewrite of the U.S. tax code since 1986.

"We know this is difficult," Cohn said. "We know what we're asking for is a big bite."

As Cohn and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin explained it in an interview, the plan would reduce the number of personal income tax brackets to three from seven: rates of 10 percent, 25 percent and 35 percent. It would double the standard deduction for married couples to $24,000, while keeping deductions for charitable giving and mortgage interest payments. The administration plans to provide tax relief for families with child care expenses, too, although the specifics have yet to be included.

On the other hand, the proposal would also trim other deductions utilized by wealthier Americans. This would include deductions for state and local tax payments, a change that could alienate support from lawmakers in states such as California and New York with higher state taxes.

"It's not the federal government's job to be subsidizing the states," Mnuchin said.

The administration has emphasized that the plan was focused on simplifying the tax code and helping middle class Americans. The median U.S. household income is slightly above $50,000 annually.

Still, the proposal could reduce the tax burden for the wealthy as well.

It would also repeal the estate tax, the catch-all alternative minimum tax and the 3.8 percent tax on investment income from President Barack Obama's health care law. The proposal has yet to be vetted for its precise impact on top earners, as several details are still being determined.

On the corporate side, the top marginal tax rate would fall from 35 percent to 15 percent. Small businesses that account for their owners' personal incomes would see their top tax rate go from 39.6 percent to the proposed corporate tax rate of 15 percent. Mnuchin stressed that the change for small business owners — a group that under the current definition could include doctors, lawyers and even major real estate companies — would be done to ensure that wealthier Americans could not exploit the change to pay less in taxes.

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NOT THEIR BEST SIDE! Hilarious collection of funny mug shots has

From strange facial hair to outrageous costumes - these people weren't photo ready...

WHEN you’re arrested, the state of your mug shot probably wouldn’t be the first thing on your mind.

But for these unfortunate detainees, the mug shots the police took were so funny that they’ve been shared on the internet after being collected by TNI press.

From being caught while in costume, to wearing unfortunate t-shirts and strange hair cuts – these alleged mug shots are certainly out of the ordinary.

Here’s the collection of the funniest mug shots out there…

This man, who does not look like he’s enjoying being covered in glitter…

1 2 Jasmine Amber

This man, whose been caught borrowing his wife’s clothes…

2 4 Jasmine Amber

This man, who might regret going near the hair dye…

3 3 Jasmine Amber

This guy, who probably won’t get away with that excuse…

4 1 Jasmine Amber

This man, who just wanted his earrings to match…

5 1 Jasmine Amber

This woman, who didn’t have time to finish her hair…

6 Jasmine Amber

This lady, who is struggling with static…

7 Jasmine Amber

This man, whose face, and neck, says exactly what he’s thinking…

8 Jasmine Amber

This guy, who won’t understand the irony of his top…

9 Jasmine Amber

This man, who has either just eaten something or had a bit of a shaving accident…

10 Jasmine Amber

8 Brilliant Inventions That Will Change Your Life

As technology evolves, so does human laziness. We keep inventing things to make life easier – but not the hard parts. It’s the mundane tasks we prefer to simplify, creating objects that all but do them for us. Such a huge relief we still have to deal with things like HIV, but we’ve finally invented Bluetooth and fixed that godawful problem of speakers not working wirelessly.

But if you thought Bluetooth was the pinnacle of human invention, you’re wrong. We’ve invented a few other things to make life easier. I mean, we still haven’t cured the most deadly diseases, but take a look at some inventions we’ve made over the years that can solve everyday problems for everyone!

1. An Alarm Clock Mat

1. An Alarm Clock Mat 1024x627 Jasmine Amber

You guessed it: you have to step on this to turn your alarm off. Not recommended for people that hate waking up early.

2. A Contact Lens That Is Capable Of Video-Recording

2 3 1024x683 Jasmine Amber

We’ve needed this since Tupac got killed, honestly.

3. A Cucumber Spiral Slicer

3 2 Jasmine Amber

For those rare moments when you want to slice a cucumber up in a spiral fashion but can’t be arced to actually slice a cucumber up in a spiral fashion.

4. A Bedside Table With Food Tray

4. A Bedside Table With Food Tray 1024x661 Jasmine Amber

Breakfast in bed just got a new dimension, hurrah!

5. An Exercise Chair

Also called a yoga ball with back support.

5. An Exercise Chair 1024x1024 Jasmine Amber

Also called a yoga ball with back support.

6. USB Chargeable

6. USB Chargeable 1024x1024 Jasmine Amber

Use the batteries to power a battery-powered USB charger, and use that charger to recharge the batteries. Unlimited poweeeerrrrrrrr!

7. A Heatable Knife To Cut Through Cold Butter

7. A Heatable Knife To Cut Through Cold Butter Jasmine Amber

Again: curing Cancer or AIDS wasn’t that big a deal for science, but cutting through cold butter apparently was.

8. A Suitcase Scooter

8. A Suitcase Scooter Jasmine Amber

I think we should call it a “Scootcase”. I’m trademarking that.

Do cell phones cause cancer? What You Need to Know

The issue of cellphones causing cancer has been under discussion over the past few years. There are multiple reasons why cell phone users are concerned about the chances of it causing cancer and various other kinds of diseases:

Cell Phones and Cancer: What are the Risks?

–    The radiofrequency energy emitted by the cell phones is released from the antennas. Ear tissues, being the closest to the antenna can absorb this energy.

–    The percentage of cell phone users has rapidly increased. Since December 2014, more than 327.5 million new cell phone subscribers have been registered- alone in the United States.

–    It is thrice the amount it was in 2000. On a global scale, the number of cell phone users is increasing to 5 billion.

–    The period of time spent using a smart phone device has increased. More and more improvements in the technology have encouraged the production of low power output models compared to the previous ones.

How radio frequency energy affects the body?

1 1 Jasmine Amber

Radiofrequency energy is an electromagnetic radiation type. This radiation is categorized by two forms: nonionizing rays and ionizing rays. Electromagnetic radiation is determined by its frequency and wavelength.

Do Cellphones Cause Cancer?

The energy radiated through electromagnetic rays is established by its ionizing radiations and high energy. Nonionizing radiation basically has a low frequency, whereas ionizing radiation has a high frequency.

The human body has the ability to absorb this energy from cell phone to radio devices that absorb energy emitted from electromagnetic radiation. The amount of energy a human body absorbs every day is estimated using an SAR rate that expresses watts per weight in Kilogram.

Constant exposure to these rays is considered to be the cause of cancer in human body. Many studies examine the negative health effects of non-ionizing radiation that is released from a microwave oven, radar, cell phones and laptops. Although studies provide a range of opinion about the effects of non-ionizing radiations, the biological effect of this energy is heating. The ability of this energy to heat is likely to be the cause of cancer.

Effect on glucose metabolism:

One of the core reasons established to be the cause of cancer in human beings is its effects on glucose metabolism. A few studies have also determined its effect on brain glucose. The study showed an increased amount of glucose metabolism in the brain region that is the closest to the antenna as compared to the opposite side tissues of the brain.

Even Apple gives the warning to user, is you look and read properly user manual.

2 2 Jasmine Amber

How does it cause cancer? Do Cellphones Cause Brain Cancer? 

Many studies have established a link between the cell phone radiation and a serious illness. Cancer associated with the use of the cellphone is linked with two types of tumors- acoustic neuromas and gliomas.

Gliomas: It is a type of tumor that initiates in the spine or brain and is usually malignant. Those who are diagnosed with this disease survive only 1 to 3 years with this kind of tumor.

Acoustic neuromas: It is a low-grade cancer which develops near the skull area.

A study initiated by Interphone research on the use of cell phones by humans included an experiment on the risk of developing tumor by using cell phones. It found that “constant use of cell phones by children and adults alike can have a 40% reasons for developing gliomas”. It established that those who use cell phones for more than 30 minutes per day are the risk of developing this form of cancer over the period of ten years.

What you can do about it:

  1. Mobiles have become a necessity. But a friendly distance can be helpful. Exposure to radiation is the worst is the cell phone is closest to the body. Ensure that your cell phone remains at four times distance from your head. Keep it more than 50 times more distance than you usually used to keep it. The use of headset minimizes the direct contact with the cell phone. Consider using the speakerphone when you can
  2. Studies on headsets have provided that keeping your cell phone in the purse or backpack can reduce the risk of exposing yourself to the cancerous rays of cell phones.
  3. Modern smartphones not always emit the same energy when using. The better reception the phone, the lesser energy radiated from it. Avoid using phones in areas where there is poor exposure.
  4. Keep your cell phone on airplane mode when you are not using it
  5. Never sleep with cell phones on your side. The brain absorbs the highest energy from the surrounding when the body is stationary. Keep your cell phone turned off or at a good distance when you are sleeping.
  6. If you wake up with a headache when keeping a cellphone around- believe that it is affecting your brain and it should be kept at a good distance
  7. Limit your use of internet on the cellphone.