Man captures video of brown snake defeating bearded dragon

May 1 (UPI) -- An Australian man captured video of the country's ever-fascinating food chain in action when an eastern brown snake took on a bearded dragon.

Andrew Hull posted a video to Facebook on Saturday showing the snake he spotted feasting on a bearded dragon on a dirt road in central-west New South Wales.

"So I'm driving up the river road from Wilcannia, composing a poem for Ian Marr, heart full of the bush, the autumn sun and the wide red road, upon which lay a sizeable brown snake eating a bearded dragon," Hull wrote.

"I thought 'bugger me - Australia!!' Then thought 'the only thing this scene needs is a barefoot bogan to film it on his phone and stick it on Facebook'....So I did," he wrote.

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Man captures video of brown snake defeating bearded dragon