John Oliver - GOP Health Care Bill

From HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.
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Author: Noman Ali

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  1. Yes, John Oliver, but what's the [current year]? I've been saying "GOD, guyth, it'th 2015"and it's "IT'S 2015, HELLO??!" But everyone looks at me in confusion. Help me and tell me the current time so I can win my arguments with conservatives.

  2. Fact is none really wanna fix a thing in this country apparently cuz they can't read lol!!!

  3. US Will never have affordable health care
    Too many crooks in the country want to make back door deals

  4. Yes, deprive millions of healthcare. We'll worry about it when some pandemic happens. Then we'll move quickly to address the problem as we always do. Let states decide what best based on the dollar.

Anger mounting over the House health care bill

John Oliver - GOP Health Care Bill