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John Cleese for Prime Minister?
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  1. Did you know that more than 90% of trump supporters say they're embarrassed about having him as our president? Bet you didn't. The rest are just still being hypocrites and think they're all that just like those girls. (Ugh)

  2. In a way he's right. Of course America's changed since Trump's been in. It's gotten much better. And it is "completely mad" but that's only because the liberals are so butt-hurt from the election that they go in full freakout mode. They simply can't accept reality so they make up all sorts of stories about collusion and racism that have absolutely no basis in fact. So maybe Trump's indirectly responsible. But Cleese basically called 40% of America "stupid" and attitudes like that are THE EXACT REASON Trump won, because we were tired of the elitist class looking down on Conservatives that we only vote Republican because we're stupid to know any better. It's rich getting a political lecture from a country that still has a monarchy and class system, and no codified freedom of speech. No wonder we fought a 6-year war to get away from these twats.

  3. I'm no fan of Trump, but all this self righteous bullshit about him telling it like it is as far as women throwing themselves at the rich and powerful, is ridiculous. He didn't sat he agreed with it, all he said was..... this is what they do! AND THEY DO! And everyone knows it.

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