Jeremy Corbyn - The Andrew Neil Interviews GE2017 (26May17)

Jezza vs Andrew Neil... Hammered on his shameful positions on the IRA as expected, and Trident is as good as gone if he and Diane get in... Yet this was arguably not the car crash that May's interview was?

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  1. This guy is REALLY scary. I don't want this half head running our country. How anyone can vote for this idealistic fool is beyond me.

  2. Thanks for posting this interview as I missed it on tv
    Corbyn certainly came across as an honest principled man and that's a breath of fresh air. A positive change from insincere sound bites and meaningless spin from other politicians. Theresa May on the other hand was the opposite. Tere is a nasty core in that woman. Weak and unstable!

  3. On this continuing pressing for answer (and the way that papers are picking up on this 'FARRON FAILS 14 TIMES to ANSWER IF HE LIKES HOB NOBS) I wonder if a reply would float such as
    Q - Do you support Nuclear weapons
    A - Myself, at home, in my garden, looking at the clouds, making jam, I dont, I dont want the world to be destroyed by nuclear war. But being leader of a party is a very different party as im sure you're aware, we are a democratic party, as thus its my duty to carry forward the ambitions of the party, and thus as my role as leader - which is most important in regards to your question - I do support it

    Perhaps this'd be too long winded and prone to cutting and pasting and they are all to well aware of that and so instead they choose the lesser of two evils, to talk around the issue.

    I have faith in the people here in Britain that given the chance to hear a full statement (not necessarily my hashed together one, but Corbyns real views compared with his role as leader) they would hear it to a openly, and may infact respect the frank admission of his duty & democracy. But then again im an optimist!


  4. As Jeremy points out, you have to talk to your enemies and find a solution. Which the British eventually did after a long, long time. The Tories were secretly talking to "their enemies" but they never admit that - trying to hold the stiff upper lip but the reality is they were talking

  5. Andrew Neil should hold his inverted snobby head in shame. This Paisley Glenburn council house forgot his routes long ago in pursuit of fame and fortune,for nothing more than to satisfy his immoral egotistical drive to mould himself into one of the London elite. He does not represent anything more than his TORY mates who patronise his stupid right wing reactions to anything that reminds him of his real heritage.

  6. Neal goes on and on about the IRA and Jeremy keeps his cool. How the hell did peace evolve "YES" by MAJOR engaging in talking to them and recognising that the only way to treat your so called enemy is to SIT DOWN listen and respect differences and come to a civilised solution.

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Jeremy Corbyn - The Andrew Neil Interviews GE2017 (26May17)