Jeremy Corbyn stumbles over childcare figures on Woman's Hour - BBC News

Jeremy Corbyn stumbled over the cost of his party's plan to offer free childcare to two-year-olds during an interview for BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour. "It will cost... it will obviously cost a lot to do so we accept that," he said, when quizzed by Emma Barnett about plans to give free childcare to 1.3m youngsters.

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  1. this is NOT news. the figure was already in the manifesto and re-announced later in the day. Corbyn forgetting a number while being asked on the spot says nothing about anything. take this 'news' story down and climb out of Teresa's arse.

  2. What the fuck. I've read the manifesto and there is an incredible amount of different figures in there (because it actually includes figures unlike the Conservative manifesto). To expect one man to remember them all off by heart is absolutely ridiculous. What does it matter if he can't remember it in the interview? They're all on the computer, the information's there and has been calculated and that's what will be used when the time comes. If people weren't so eager to jump on the anti-Corbyn bandwagon and actually thought about the ridiculousness of the attacks made against him then this would hardly be newsworthy.

  3. A bit of background on the presenter:

    Emma Barnett is 29 and Women's Editor of the Daily Telegraph. She regards herself as a feminist, she demands equality in the workplace and in all aspects of her secular life. But she has a secret: as an orthodox Jew, when attending synagogue, she is happy to sit separately from the men, not to take part in the service and finds it hard to embrace the concept of women rabbis.

    Happy to label herself a feminist, yet she's a propaganda tool for the government that happily resides over one of the worst gender pay gaps in the western hemisphere. Maybe it boils down to her religion, is she brainwashed into thinking Corbyn is anti-semetic? Another pathetic smear dreamt up by the right wing, Tory loving media?

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Jeremy Corbyn stumbles over childcare figures on Woman's Hour - BBC News