Injured Vet Carries Runner Across Marathon Finish Line

Completing a marathon is an incredible accomplishment for someone with both their legs, nevermind someone who lost their leg in an explosion.

However, Army Staff Sergeant Earl Granville refused to let a missing leg stop him from running in and completing the Boston Marathon, and became a hero to millions in the process when he refused to let his injury stop him from helping a fellow runner across the finish line.

In 2008, Granville was serving in Afghanistan and lost his leg when a roadside bomb exploded. His career in the Army might have been finished, but he never let the injury hold him back and went on to compete in the Boston, Chicago, Detroit, and New York marathons in a handbike.

But this year, Granville ran in the Boston Marathon without the bike, and inspired millions when he picked up his running partner near the end of the course and carried her over the finish line. Granville, on the other hand, didn’t see what was so inspiring about what he did. “I don’t know what they’re inspired about,” Granville said. “I’m walking.” But as the footage spread online, he was moved by everyone’s support. “So, apparently I did something today,”  he wrote. “Thank you everybody for your support. I”ll post more during the week…but until then, once again, thanks for all the encouragement. I’m so very grateful.”

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Injured Vet Carries Runner Across Marathon Finish Line