Election 2017: Can Labour win under Jeremy Corbyn?

Jeremy Corbyn has come out fighting on Day Three of the pre-election campaign, with a fiercely anti-Establishment speech, promising to put power and wealth back into the hands of the people. He told a roomful of enthusiastic supporters that Labour would overturn the “rigged system”, which he said was set up to favour the “ruling elite”.

Many Labour MPs who are seeking to defend their seats in the forthcoming election are famously less than enthusiastic about Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. But some of them – particularly in traditional Labour strongholds in the north of England – have a second problem: they campaigned in favour of Britain remaining in the EU, while the majority of their constituents voted to leave.


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  1. muslims rabble support morons like Corbyn only. Thanks Corbyn we have now muslim mayor of London People like Corbyn
    sold country long time ago. Muslims rabble dominate over british people no way back - be prepare for caliphate !
    Parlament attack and Manchester is a clear Corbyn's like policy

  2. I'm a carer and live with a pensioner. so we don't want to lose winter payment. tories don't care about pensioners or carers. me my partner and brother and most of my street of angry pensioners are for labour. by the way we all voted ukip and leave.

  3. I would love Corbyn to win. at least then I won't have thousands of pounds debt just for going uni and getting an education. I hate that. since when you are indebted to someone you are basically enslaved to them until you pay back the debt [which in the UK is usually a lifetime]. I pray he wins but I just don't see it happening. plus Corbyn needs a new suit. he looks way too scruffy to lead a country.

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Election 2017: Can Labour win under Jeremy Corbyn?