5 Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas in Under 5 Minutes

All of these healthy breakfast ideas are FAST, delicious, easy, and super nutritious! Breakfast Berry Bowl, Sprouted Toast with Nut Butter, Avocado, Cantaloupe Protein Bowl and Rice Thins with Cream Cheese and seasonal toppings. All great for busy weekdays.


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Author: Noman Ali

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  1. Great video; thanks Dani! Now, my idea of breakfast is just coffee (I can't eat before about 10am), but I will admit that I was pretty chuffed to find my "I don't have time to stop work but I can have a quick snack" idea of an avocado was featured by you! That said, I'm definitely doing to tweak one of your other ideas and on a weekend when I have more time, will do a honeydew with cottage cheese. Or maybe quark, as that seems to be a bit of a 'buzz item' at the moment, too...

  2. No reason to exclude whole grains in the berry bowl. Whole grains are excellent foods. O/w, looks like a great set of selections.

  3. I love your ideas. I have so far losr 45lbs incorporating your ideas into my life. Your toast with the nut butter used an ingredient I am not familiar with. Is it a spice? And how do you spell it?Thanks for all of the great information.

  4. Swedish breakfasts are usually open-faced sandwiches and tea-- very healthy and filling! I love berries and usually have those as a snack.

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5 Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas in Under 5 Minutes